Car Mechanics Repair Helicopter!

Car Mechanics Repair Helicopter!

When a helicopter developed snag in Kholapur, car mechanics were summoned to repair the chopper. Within minutes the mechanics, who had never touched a chopper, repaired the craft and made it airworthy. It happens only in India, but the DGCA is not amused.


What do you do when a helicopter develops a snag and is unable to take off. In the normal course, it is grounded till qualified engineers come and repair the chopper.

But the pilot of charter airline Varva Aviation did something bizarre when the helicopter developed snag and had to make a landing in Kholapur. He called a couple of local car mechanics who had never come anywhere close to a helicopter to repair the chopper.

And the surprise is that the mechanics repaired the engine of the helicopter successfully.

But the Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DCGA  is not amused. The authority is angry on two counts: 1 the pilot did not report a snag in the technical report; secondly, the people who repaired the chopper were not qualified aircraft maintenance engineers.

The helicopter pilot of the Mumbai-based aviation company Varva Aviation, has now been grounded.

The incident happened when Varva Aviation’s chairman Avinash Bhosale was travelling in a AgustaWestland chopper from Goa to Pune.

The chopper made a landing at Kolhapur in Maharashtra but could not take off. That is when a friend of Avinash suggested that he knew some Kolhapur car mechanics who could fix most car engines — why not try them?

The mechanics were summoned and the pilot briefed them about the engine. Within minutes, the mechanics repaired the chopper successfully and it took off.

But the pilot refuses to admit that there was a snag in the helicopter. But the DGCA received a photograph which apparently shows that the engine of the chopper was open and the mechanics were working on it.

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