Hooligan Auto Drivers Harass Kerala Singer

Hooligan Auto Drivers Harass Kerala Singer

Kerala’s playback singer Sayanora Phillip had a harrowing experience at 3 am today at the Ernakulam North railway station when unruly auto drivers blocked her from taking an Uber taxi.



Kerala’s playback singer Sayanora Phillip had a harrowing experience at around 3 am when she arrived by train at the Ernakulam North Railway station.

The Uber taxi she had booked came to pick her up, but soon unruly autorickshaw drivers gheraoed her and the taxi on the grounds that she cannot use a taxi service from the station. The auto guys also caught the Uber driver by the collar and tried to pull him out.

Subsequently, they threatened the singer and even misbehaved with her when she protested. After a lot of argument, Syanora stood her ground and took the taxi from outside the railway station. She later took to social media to word-slap these rowdy guys.

What do these hooligan auto guys think? That they inherited the land belonging to the Indian Railways? It is such unruly elements that is bringing bad name to Kerala. These guys do not know the world is fast changing and that a new generation would care two hoots to their narrow-minded mentalities.

The railways should take action against these auto drivers.

This is not the first time that such an incident is happening. About two weeks ago, another woman Vidya Gopalakrishnan took to social media and posted a video where in an auto-driver has surrounded the cab and threatened the driver.  They forced Vidya to hire a taxi or rickshaw within the station premises.  The incident, again, had taken place at Ernakulam Railway Station.

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