Mr. Modi, This is the House of your MP

Mr. Modi, This is the House of your MP

BJP Member of Parliament and mining baron B Sriramulu of Ballari in Karnataka has a house that would put palaces to shame. He is a close friend of Gali Janardhan Reddy who amassed wealth by cheating the ex-chequer.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks of unearthing black money. Will the honest Prime Minister dig out facts on how his Member of Parliament B Sriramulu got the money to build an opulent palace in Ballari?

The house is built on 1.45 acre and was designed by Mumbai Engineers. The house warming ceremony was held yesterday. Sriramulu close friend and a man facing multiple cheating cases Gali Janardhan Reddy inaugurated the house which costs 50 crore rupees.

Take a look at the house, rather palace.
Where are the Prime Minister’s words on black money and where are the tax authorities?

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