Neer Patra: Made In India Bottle Coolers

Neer Patra: Made In India Bottle Coolers

Neer Patra, or bottles made of special clay, is emerging as an alternative to the dangerous PET bottles. Neer Patras are made by poor women through an NGO called REWA (Raise, Empower Women Around) based in Bengaluru. 

It was the desire to help women and the love for nature drove Abhishek Saran to the formation of REWA (Raise, Empower Women Around).

When Bengaluru decided to be plastic free, the members of REWA too decided to join the cause. And that’s how ‘Neer Patra’ was born.

Neera Patra, the mud bottles remind us of the clay pots which used to keep the water cool. The pot bottles are easy to clean and refill.

When water in the plastic bottles possesses thousands of health issues, Neera Patra has only health benefits.

The demand for the bottle is increasing day by day and these bottles are all set to replace the plastic ones even from corporate offices. Wipro has already decided to replace the plastic bottles with the clay ones.

These pots are not only a solution for a healthy life but also an artwork which provides the means to many women employees.

Abhishek Saran, the man behind the clay bottles, says that the only difficulty they have is transporting the bottles from Kolkata, where the special clay is available.

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