Saina Sees End of her Career Coming

Saina Sees End of her Career Coming

Saina Nehwal, who is back after a knee surgery, said she is in the final phase of her career.

Badminton player Saina Nehwal feels that her career is going to end soon.

The London Olympics bronze medallist is recovering from a knee injury and set to participate in the China Super Series Premier.

In an interview with, she said that somewhere deep in her heart she feels it’s the end of her career.

“It is okay, many people will think my career will end and I won’t come back. I also think somewhere deep in my heart that maybe it is the end of my career, so let’s see how it is. Maybe, you never know,” she said.

The 26-year-old was bedridden and returned to the training only a week ago.

With the Chinese Super Series set to begin on November 15, Saina says she wants to work hard. Though the game is it’s not about winning or losing, the fear of her career end seems to haunt the player.

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