A Surgical Strike Against Jaya’s Wealth?

A Surgical Strike Against Jaya’s Wealth?

The bold raid on Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Ram Mohana Rao’s residence and office in Anna Nagar is an indication that the Centre is close to the Reserve Bank of Jayalalithaa.

The Income Tax raid on Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Ram Mohana Rao’s residence and office in Anna Nagar this morning is an unprecedented one. Had Jayalalithaa been around, such a raid would not have happened. With a weak O Paneerselvam at the helm, the Centre is now within striking distance of the so called Reserve Bank of Jayalalithaa.

Here is how Jaya managed to stock her wealth. Sekhar Reddy, a big time sand mining operator and Tirupati-Tirumala Board member, was reportedly close to Jaya.






He along with one Prem, converted money and stocked huge piles of notes in new currency denominations. The raids on his residence yielded Rs 131 crore in new currency and over 100 kg of gold.

This was the starting point. Later it turned out that Sekhar Reddy had blessings and official cover of the Tamil Nadu government as he reportedly handled the wealth of Jayalalithaa, This cover was provided by Chief Secretary Rammohan Rao.




Rao had links with Sekhar Reddy when, in an earlier stint, he was the collector of Chengalpet, the hub of sand mining. The growth of Reddy started from here. Both are Andhrites and reportedly shared close links in money dealings and money laundering.

All this is common knowledge, the DMK said today, adding that nobody dared to do anything because of the clout that Jaya enjoyed.

Jaya’s opponents had also alleged that as Chief Minister, she had stored truckloads of wealth at a place called Siruthavur in Kanchipuram, not far from Chennai. This place was heavily guarded round the clock. MDMK leader Vaiko had openly alleged that Jaya had stocked Rs 2000 crore there. All this would obviously been in old currency as Jaya became

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