Will Rahul Gandhi Explode Modi Bomb Today?

Will Rahul Gandhi Explode Modi Bomb Today?

An explosive last day of Winter Session of Parliament would keep all political parties on their toes and at their shouting best. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is all set to trigger a Modi bomb on Prime Minister and corruption; the BJP is ready with its ammunition on choppergate.



Today is the last day of winter session of Parliament.

All eyes are on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who has promised to trigger a corruption bomb in Lok Sabha that would leave Prime Minister Narendra Modi scarred and politically bruised. Nobody, including senior leaders of the Congress, knows what sort of corruption bomb that Rahul is likely to carry to the Lok Sabha. They are only hoping that it does  not turn out to be a damp squib or a joke.

Rahul called his bomb bullet proof.

But all eyes would also be on Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan. She, in all rights, can shut Rahul Gandhi up if he hurls personal and unsubstantiated charges against Modi.

Early this morning, the BJP held its Parliamentary party meeting where Modi and party chief Amit Shah addressed the MPs. Sources said Modi is likely to reveal the road ahead following remonetisation in the Lok Sabha and also rake up fresh evidence that has emerged from the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal.

There have been allegations that top leaders of the Congress party had pocketed about Rs 13- 16 million in the Agusta Westland deal.

So, it is gonna be Rahul’s corruption Bomb versus Modi on Chopper Scam.

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